Hidden Treasures & Plunder!!

The quest for "plunder & hidden treasures" was achieved at the latest auction held
4/2 - 4/8/2024 & Conducted Online @ StorageTreasures.com
for abandoned self storage units located at Store All Teays Valley & Rand, & S&B Mini Storage Belle & St. Albans WV
The 31 auctioned units received 2871 views. 296 bidders competed for the final prize of winning a unit & taking possession of their "plunder". Congratulations to the lucky highest-winning bidders!

Many have reported discovering hidden gems & treasures at previous auctions!
See photos below!
Don't miss discovering YOUR next hidden treasure!

Join the Quest for Plunder! Discover Your Next Hidden Treasure!
at a STORE ALL / S&B Mini Storage Auction

Store All auctions are conducted online at StorageTreasures.com and held periodically . Each auction opens on a Tuesday at 9am and closes the following Monday at 5pm. Photos of the storage units being sold are available at SorageTreasures.com by 9am the first day of the auction (often a day or two earlier). For detailed auction information and bidding registration see: StorageTreasures.com

Store All, along with sister facility S & B Mini Storage, partner for online auctions. Storage units for delinquent/default accounts are scheduled for auction only after all avenues for collecting payment have been exhausted. Management frowns on the necessity of taking this action on delinquent/default accounts; therefore, payment agreements are generated on a regular case-by-case basis in order to remove storage units from final auction.
Determining whether a storage unit will be sold at auction is a continuing process through-out the year. The process consists of phone calls, emails, and/or letters reminding tenants of their past due/delinquent/default account status. As the date for an auction approaches, the process intensifies, with "auction certified notices" being mailed and emailed to all accounts qualifying for auction status. At this point, management is very diligent (as stated above) to create case-by-case satisfactory agreements with each tenant for payment; and takes great pride in the fact that, due to these "deal" agreements, many tenants do not lose their belongings to auction. Previously, "deal" agreements have been reached right up to the last minute .....(even after the storage unit has been advertised for auction, posted online for auction and received bids) .......at any time prior to close of auction.......IF & WHEN a "deal" for payment is reached between management and tenant, the storage unit is pulled from auction and........ the tenant's belongings are saved!!!
ONLY AS A LAST RESORT, is the storage unit sold at auction.

Be sure to visit StorageTreasures.com for more details.
Don't forget to join the Quest to DISCOVER YOUR NEXT TREASURE at Store All / S&B Mini Storage auctions!

Hidden Gems & Treasures!!

These photos are from actual storage units included in our auctions.
YES, at first glance, the unit may seem to contains only junk, nothing of value! NOW, take a good close look!
Stop a minute to IMAGINE!
Envision the hidden treasures and gems to be found back in those dark corners, packed in the boxes, and squeezed in between all the junk!!
Oh My, the "spoils & plunder" to be found!!
Good, useful items! Needed by you, your family, or someone you know! Previous successful winning bidders have found many treasures, such as new, or like new, furniture, appliances, and/or tools, etc.....one previous winning bidder discovered a brand new generator!!
Be the LUCKY bidder & Discover Your Hidden Gems & Treasures @ STORE ALL Auctions :
In order to give you bidders a head-start on serching for PLUNDER & HIDDEN TREASURES, photos of each storage unit being auctioned are posted as soon as possible; usually 2-3 days prior to auction date.
Happy Treasure Hunting!
from Store All/S&B Mini Storage!