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Store All auctions are conducted online at and held periodically throughout the year. Each auction opens on a Tuesday at 9am and closes the following Monday at 5pm. Photos of the actual storage units to be sold at auction are available on-line at, by 9am the first day of the scheduled auction. For detailed auction information and bidding registration see:

NEXT AUCTION: August 9 - 15, 2022

April 4, 2022 auction was a great success! Thanks to all who participated! 1286 views & 147 total bids were received for the 14 storage units posted!

Storage units are scheduled for auction on delinquent accounts, and then, only when absolutely necessary; after all avenues for payment have been exhausted. Management frowns on the necessity of taking this action on delinquent accounts; therefore, agreements with tenants are generated on a regular case-by-case basis for removing storage units from final auction.
Store All, along with sister facility S & B Mini Storage, partner for online auctions. Determining whether a storage unit will be sold at auction is a continuing process through-out the year. The process consists of phone calls, emails, and/or letters reminding tenants of their past due/delinquent account status. As the date for an auction approaches, the process intensifies, with "auction notice certified letters" being mailed to all remaining delinquent accounts. At this point, management is very diligent (as stated above) to create case-by-case satisfactory agreements with each tenant for payment. As a last resort, the storage unit is scheduled for auction.
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Come join us to find YOUR TREASURES at Store All / S&B Mini Storage auctions.

Auction Treasures

The photos to the left are samples of actual storage units sold at previous auctions.

YES, at first glance, the items look to be just JUNK.
NOW, take a good close look!
In between the junk you will see good items, Items that you or your family may need. AND, just think of the TREASURES you may find way in the back of a unit!! Previous successful winning bidders have found many treasures, such as new, or like new, furniture, appliances, and/or tools, previous winning bidder even found a brand new generator!!

NEXT AUCTION August 9 - 15, 2022
photos of each storage unit being auctioned
are open for viewing as of August 3, 2022 at

Happy Treasure Hunting!

from Store All/S&B Mini Storage!